Saturday, 8 November 2008

liquid level

As my son has pointed out from the previous blog, nobody will know what a liquiw level is- maybe a whiskey measure! Actually it is a small box with three metal prongs. This is placed on the lip of the cup and when the liquid reaches the front two prongs it alerts you by pinging and vibrating,which will stop as soon as it is removed. This is an absolute boon and you can regulate the height.
Another hazard to overcome is liquid medicine. This is impossible to put in a spoon or small measure pot, so the only solution seems to be carefully sipping from the bottle! Please let me know if anyone comes up with a better solution.
Kind friends came round for tea and brought door stop sandwiches apologising for the thickness of the bread. They did not know the trick of removing the crusts and flattening with a rolling pin, and with a really good roll the can make melba toast in the oven.

Tuesday, 4 November 2008


It has been wet cold and miserable! And everybody I know including me have all types of chest and throat problems, so many engagements have been cancelled. My new liquid level is also suffering and goes berserk every now and then,on its own. Friends have asked if I have mice or perhaps if is the door bell, as it leaps up and down vibrating periodically in the kitchen.. It will have to go back!
A very cosy jacket I have, suffers from too small pockets. As I use them sometimes instead of taking a bag, something had to be done. So I took it to the local Indian tailor who is so obliging, and he has successfully velcroed them.
Just writing to the Times newspaper about the terrible voice announcing the tine by dialling 1 2 3 on your telephone. It squeaks that it is Tinkerbell[from Peter Pan]. They obviously have not read this book, as Tinkerbell ]never speaks!

Thursday, 23 October 2008

Country Visit

its ages since i wrote this up, I was either ill, or too tired or no time! And now today I hear that blogging is old hat!
I decided to invite myself away for the weekend.
It was great to be back in that vast farming county of Lincolnshire,. The disabled parking at Kings Cross was most efficient and we were met by booked assistance who took me to collect my two single tickets [half the price of a return!]. Then put me on the train and telephoned through to ny destination to make sure that I would be helped off the train. All worked like clockwork!
The first person we spoke to was the mole catcher. He had had a good day,mole skin slippers no doubt! Next a look at a newly ploughed field and it was noted that no grass verge had been left. The stags in the park were still standing together as there has been no frost yet. But best of all was the woodmans story of investigating the security lights which had turned on the night before, he suddenly saw a little mother hedgehog carrying a baby across the drive and over a fence,deposited it and returned for another, such a pity he had not a camera.
The return journey was not quite so smooth, but the guard who I chatted with had been alerted that I had booktd assistance in London, saved the day when non turned up, so all turned out well in the end!

Saturday, 28 June 2008

no subject

It has been a long time since I wrote this up. A dear Grandson is staying trying to get jobs in his gap summer and is permanently plugged into my computor, and if he is not I am otherwise engaged or too tired! and of course there has been a lot of big races and now the tennis! Another grandson of 14 years has started a blog on the life and workings of his ants! So it has rather spurred me on.
The last of my "parrot voice mates" which dials my telephone numbers has died. A pity as one can take it into bed and make calls from there. Now thank goodnes for the computor which will do it instead. Cobalt have brought out a new one but even my daughter found it difficult,so it was sent back. I cannot understand these designers, the old one was excelent although it had many other non essential functions..
At last two buses have a voice announcing the stops. It is really difficult without the cheerie conductors, although passengers are mostly helpful. Looking for an ampty seat is more tricky, invaribly I find myself feeling someones knees or worse sitting on them. Stil it usually causes amusement!

Wednesday, 7 May 2008


I was so excited to hear that someone has found my blog worth reading among all the other blogs for the blind ! There has been rather a gap recently but have been too tired which is quite natural for older Grannies! The wonderful weather has come but it does bring its problems. It is moving shadows with shafts of light, these can make me start and I find myself hitting out at them or trying to pick them up! It must look quite strange. Frequently I bend down in the flat thinking the patch of light is a piece of paper. Another thing is on the buses kind people try to make me sit in the first row of double seats, these are the worst on the bus with hardly any leg space and with the large board across the window so you cannot see out. This is an important point as I have to watch for landmarks lit by the sun - like railings or trees or high pillars like the Chelsea fire station. I had to explain all this to a man who moved his seat for me to sit in the pram space seat where you can get air as well as a good view. He was intrigued! Cat is sleeping most of these hot days.

Sunday, 27 April 2008

wet toes

It has been some time since I last wrote, but its been a most social week,quite like old times. I have had great fun seeing lots of old friends in the country but fairly exhausting! I had a lift down to the country which was great but always find it difficult to cut the number of clothes to pack especially when travelling by car! I returned by train, but never on a Sunday as the transport is so bad , and as usual the assistance at Paddington did not arrive. At last a most charming young man (passenger) insisted on looking after me and walked me towards the barrier where the trolley assistance finally arrived heavily apologising! From this moment it was fine and they could not have been more efficient.The waiting room was jam packed with all ages of disabled people all looking rather anxious! I don't know how the assistance coped with them all.
The worst part about going away is the packing and trying to shut the cases! If someone helps they always say I am taking too much which is so annoying as I know what I want!.
Next I went to a joint Services Dinner at my club. Meg who was M.I5(big secret!!!) and I were among the only five women there. I had a doctor on either side of me ,which might have been useful, however whilst one never spoke the other was a charmer!
The next day was a St.Dunstans yearly lunch held in the lovely old RAF club on Hyde Park Corner. My daughter accompanied me and we sat at Lord Lowes table where my daughter noticed that when he made his excellent speech by running his finger along a paper written in braille -quite amazing! The next day it wass off to Spinks with a friend who was selling some medals including a VC, and the money raised was to go to Heros Help.With such a week its no wonder I put my bare foot into kittys water bowl this morning whilst feeling around for her food!

Monday, 14 April 2008

april showers

Just had to return several new gadgets I had ordered, which was maddeming. When I feel deprived of shop browsing, I"m apt to mail order either clothes or gadgets for the blind! Deciding I needed a new talking telephone dialler as my "parrot voice mates" are now several years old and on the blink . Having run one to earth, as mine are now discontinued, it took half an hour of frustration for my daughter who is gadget minded. So that went back in the box. Why the manufacturers cannot update good items I cannot think. The next was a measuring jug. This had two components and both had to be picked up together when holding the liquid which made it much too heavy , so back that must go! Last was a CD holder which was very bulky and only held 10, and I have about 50 music cds. So decided this was one I could do without! This was all disappointing, and the huge box had to be got to the local PO,which is under threat of closure. However I was cheered up to hear that my son had been serverely pecked at the back by his new smart black cockerel for leaving him shut up with his wives rather late in the morning! . Our broody ducks sadly seem to have left the lawn, but there is a great white blob out there and so I know the our lovely weeping pear tree is out in bloom. I felt around the trunk and think my next guest must do some pruning-cannot trust the gardeners!
Must now get back to my cooking for bridge lunch tomorrow,luckily Bridie has done the potatoes as find them impossible to peel and she has kindly rubbed up the silver . The sun is actually shining!